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Stunning photoshoot with Hailey Hendrickson at the Jacksonville Library

Hailey reached out to me through Facebook sharing her interest in having a fashion photoshoot for her new blog coming to her site She wanted to find a location that had some character and fit within her blog's color palette and found the Jacksonville Downtown Library. We were both hesitant about whether the library would be okay with us shooting there but the staff there were all super friendly and kind!

The library was a stunning location and would love to do more shoots there! It has beautiful staircases, artwork, an outside courtyard, and stunning surrounding buildings. If you want to learn more about musical theatre please check out Hailey's new blog that's coming soon! If you are interested in creating your own dream shoot please feel free to contact me and I would love to help make your vision come to life!

"I couldn’t be happier with Hannah! I had a great experience shooting with her, she made me feel at ease and we had a great time. Hannah took the time to understand my vision and I didn’t feel rushed at all. Very happy with how the pictures turned out. Thanks Hannah!" - Hailey Hendrickson


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